I know I haven't been posting on my blog in a while, but all that's about to change! I want to be able to share with my thoughts, inspirations, and latest works with you guys. I'd also love to hear your thoughts as well, so don't ever hesitate to comment or email me! 

Here I go! 

This video is a fashion video that I directed as a passion project. Directing to me is more of a new hobby that I want to get better at, but not try to sell myself as a director.... yet. I want to be able to film projects that I'm interested and believe in. I want to find my aesthetic and style as a director, before really calling myself a director.

I love this video because I feel like it's a great start for me to start seeing my style. I really like the free spirit expression with soft movements. AND of course, I love Natalie as the talent for this video, it was a perfect role for her! 

Directed by Emilynn Rose , Videographer: Dylan Perlot, Talent: Natalie Boras, MUA: Francie Tomalonis, Hairstylist: Seto McCoy, Stylist: Jourdan Kadrow