New York City... Please go easy


I am finally back in LA and ready to get back to work! The New York grind, got me back on my hustle. The fast pace environment that won't let you "chill" or "slow down" carries you on the wave of excitement and determination. 

This trip was my 2nd time working in New York and the last time was NOTHING like this time. This time, I traveled by myself and stayed with an amazing designer friend, Olivia Anthony. She lived out in Flatbush, Brooklyn... so yeah, all the way in Brooklyn. I was in town for 7 days and each day I left her place at 10am to make it in time to all my meetings and shoots, then coming back at almost 12am-2am every night. 

My first day there, I had set up a meeting with New York management which went great and settled up a couple test shoots with them while I was in town. Then, right after I had a shoot with The Know it Alls, an online magazine. I got to work with a talented team on this shoot and gained wonderful friendships off it. The energy we had on set went through the whole shoot. I guess I didn't know this about New York, but it rains randomly... then stops! So this pretty much went throughout the shoot. It would drizzle, then stop after 15 minutes, then it rained a little harder, then stopped again after 15 minutes, then so on. The clouds were perfect during this time, however, it was like the perfect soft box over the sun. 

My second day there went great at first... I had a meeting with Wilhelmina models and this meeting went so great. They critiqued my book and offered to direct a test shoot with one of their models, which was good for me, since I know that my style doesn't cater yet to the New York perspective. I realized at this moment that I had to be open to suggestion and accept help so that I can expand my knowledge and experience in this industry. I don't know everything about fashion photography, yet, but if someone is willing to show me the way, then why not take the opportunity! After this great meeting, I was so ready for my 2nd shoot of the trip, but unfortunately had to be cancelled, due to agency problems. It was a bit frustrating, but sometimes that's just how the world works, and you have to keep moving forward. 

The third day there my shoot started at 8am, which luckily, thanks to Allie, who was the hairstylist for this shoot, let me stay over so that I didn't have to take the metro all the way from Brooklyn in the early morning. This shoot went so great, I got to work with 2 talented models from New York Models, Chad McGilbert and Eva Bus and I also met a really cool aspiring photographer, Casa Nova. I got really excited during this shoot, because I got to challenge my photography skills. I had my external flash that I used to bounce lighting off the walls, and I used my flash to create a dreamy styled lighting with hues of magenta and cyan. I CAN'T WAIT TO RELEASE THIS SET! Later on that day, me and Francie, my wonderful friend and makeup artist, met up with our Pretty Attitude team to watch the release of the commercial that I got to direct and produce and Francie got to do makeup for at the Madison Square Garden. (Read my last post for more of the story) This was a wonderful time with my Pretty Attitude ladies! 

My fourth day there, was a little bit more relaxed, I got to have brunch with my babe Olivia Anthony then head out to the Wilhelmina shoot, where I got to meet dancer and model Mariah. Even though she was only 16, she was very mature for her age and perfect for the fashion industry! At first I could tell she was a bit shy, but moments later she just started giving me poses left and right!

The fifth day in town was the toughest! I was on the subway, on my way to a shoot, then out of nowhere my phone DIES! I don't mean the battery died, I mean it just shut down on me. I was so stressed out because I'm not the kind of person who cancels on a shoot or doesn't answer my phone, so I was just hoping the whole time that the model wasn't just going to wait for me the whole time. I decided that I had to just wave down a taxi and grab my iPad all the way back in Brooklyn... this was such a mission... because then, I had to uber it back to manhattan. Luckily I got to reschedule that shoot before I left New York. Luckily, was able to still make it on time for my next shoot with blogger and fashion editor for Nakid Magazine, Rachel Lynch. Shooting with her made me feel so much better. Her outfits were amazing and her personality is very genuine and kind. After the shoot, I decided to head out to get my phone fixed at the Apple store, which took 4 hours... but I atlas got a brand new phone for free! God was by my side. I don't know what I would've done without a phone in New York! 

Coming close to the end of my trip, on the sixth day, I started it off very slow and excited. I had a couple meetings one with Kate Ryan, talent agency and House of Madam Showroom. Both meetings went so great, and I can't wait to see them again when I go back in September. Later that night, I got to shoot with artist/producer X.A.B. Where we got to rent out a studio, which was great for me because it meant... LESS WALKING IN THE HEAT! It was such a great night shoot where I got to create a story and mood to the photos. 

Last day in town, 3 shoots in one day. First one was the rescheduled shoot when I broke my phone, that went well and got to use clothes from the PR Showroom I work closely with here in LA, Dietch PR. Then I got to shoot an aspiring model, Lauren where we walked around Soho and got some portfolio shots. Lastly, a fun quick shoot with Olivia Anthony's designs! After that shoot we all went out and grabbed a drink and met up with Alex. A wonderful way to end an exciting trip! 

If you want something in life, you have to go get it! You can't stay idle and hope that your dreams will come to you. It takes a lot of hard work and determination, but the gratification that comes from your own hard work, is the best feeling that you can possibly have.