I am proud to share with you all that the commercial I directed and produced for Pretty Attitude is now released! This Friday, July 15, Pretty Attitude released their commercial which aired in the Madison Square Garden during the pre-show of 5 Seconds of Summer. It aired 6 times through out the pre-show in front of 2,000 people. Which I so happy to watch with the Pretty Attitude Team! 


Who are Pretty Attitude and how are they rising to the top, through their online boutique store? Here's an interview questionnaire that I did with them and rockin' responses: 


1. Who are the wonderful creators of Pretty Attitude, and tell us a little about yourselves?

Hi, we're Marina and Christine, founders of Pretty Attitude. We have been best friends since high-school. After studying Media Management and Marketing in Cologne, we moved from Germany to the States in 2008 where we worked in the music industry for a couple of years. We’ve always had the dream to one day run our own business. In 2011 we started Pretty Attitude as a side project with three (!) items that we sold online. 
About six month later business took off and the company has been constantly growing ever since. We have every since assembled an amazing team who support us in elevating a business that we love to work for every single day.

2. What sparked the creation of Pretty Attitude?

We were working in the music business when we started Pretty Attitude as a side project. Initially we didn't
plan on entering the fashion industry . We've never worked in fashion before but the love for unique pieces has always been a passion of ours. We were intrigued by original and unique Rock'n'Roll styles, so we started the brand from scratch with only three pieces that we sold online. After a year Pretty Attitude grew so big that it was just impossible to keep our day jobs and the fashion business running at the same time. So we've made the decision to quit our jobs and it's been a wild ride every since.

3. One really cool thing about your store is that you have a black and white label, what inspired this concept?

We decided to offer two labels to provide our customers with an unique concept and shopping experience. Our Black Label collection offers the perfect Rock'n'Roll essentials for a night out of town, while our White Label collection not only has a full line of festival styles but also provides all the right pieces for days full of road-trips and adventures.

4. How would you describe Pretty Attitude's style?

Pretty Attitude is rebellious, Rock'n'Roll and fashion forward sense of style.

5. What is your ultimate goal for Pretty Attitude and where do you see your store in 5 years?

Last winter we launched an online store in Europe with warehouses in the UK, Germany and France. We plan to expand our brand on the international market within the next couple of years. We've a lot of customers in Europe, but also in South America and Australia.

6. What inspires the designs created for Pretty Attitude? 

It's very important for us to offer pieces that are unique. We get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, mostly travel, music, photography fashion trends from the present and the past. Our customers are very creative, adventurous with an intriguing sense of style. We want to offer them a platform where they can get inspired, experience new trends, and find extraordinary pieces that can't be found elsewhere.

7. Pretty Attitude isn't just about having a "Pretty Attitude" you're also big on saving the animals. What are your views on animal cruelty? 

Every year, thousands of animals are killed for the clothing industry. We've always taken a strong stand on animal welfare. 
We set our brand's policy to only use responsible materials for our designs, and never work with real fur or leather. We're spending a long time sourcing our materials and are grateful to have found great fabrications of vegan leather and faux fur.

8. What advice would you give anyone who wants to start their own designs or clothing store?

Be genuine, never give up on your dream and most importantly work hard and dedicate yourself to the business 100%.

9. Which music artists or bands makes you rock and roll?!

When it comes to music we love the old school Rock'n'Roll. Lots of classic rock, like Guns'n'Roses, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, or the Rollings Stones.

10. Being from Europe, what are some places you would suggest to go visit?

Being from Germany one of the coolest cities to visit there is Cologne. We try to go there at least once a year to have a beach party at the Rhine with our friends. There are so many beautiful places in Europe. I think our favorite cities are Venice in Italy and Dublin in Ireland. Two years ago we had a stop over flight in Iceland where we spent a day. It was amazing.

What a successful show with the Pretty Attitude Gals!!!   #ROCKYOURLIFE

What a successful show with the Pretty Attitude Gals!!!